Dreaming Moments

While we spend time dreaming, now we leave less time to our imagination and most of people start thinking about vacation planning at least once a month; 17% think about it at least once a week (source: google). These people want information about what’s possible and what other people have done, at their fingertips, by searching on tripadvisor, trivago, airbnb,skyscanner or social network.

People are figuring out all the logistical details. They want to know how long it takes to get to place, cost, and best travel times. And they’re looking for this information across all of their devices.

Booking moments

As people increasingly want to book their flights or hotels on the go, 46% of travelers who do mobile travel research, made their final booking decision on mobile, or moved to another device to make the booking, so let´s pay attention to x-platform

Experiencing moments

Airbnb aspires to create a world where everyone can belong anywhere. That means visiting cities not as travelers, but as locals. ‘Hosted Walks’ tapped into Airbnb’s passionate network of New York City hosts to help travelers do just that. See how Airbnb used search to unlock the best local spots of NYC.

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