Innovation focus on discover rather than functional efficiency. “There is nothing quite so useless, as doing with great efficiency, something that should not be done at all.”

Peter F. Drucker

Sadly all of the companies I´d worked in the past, when I chose to work “for them” still live far away from innovation, event those that has set their “innovation department”. The main reason why innovation is rarely set in-home roots on the absence of freedom thinking, thus they need what I define as destructive creativity. That´s why I decide to quit or what cause some of this companies actually fired me! Hard moment turned into the sweetish moment on life, resume by few principles I´ve personally test and validate among companies.

  • Break the rules while make Caos rule the organization; by challenging the establishment new opportunities will appear so make sure you´ve got the right team following you to capture and take market advantage.
  • Value first; is not what you thing is going to be next, is what your clients actually desire. Most of the companies rely on numeric studies, focus groups, and market research, but just few of them have a “Feet on the ground” team capable to translate insight into quick-launch-product, what entrepreneurs define as MVP.
  • MVP model; offers big companies a quick adopt/quick dismiss methodology that roots on continuos client trial. Learn from the customers, take the basics and build solutions from the scratch, forget matching deadlines, budgets, and plans, just get to your client repeatedly
  • Pivot or Carry On; entrust on what you´ve learn and be ready to change as market shakes, be ready to turn your project upside down to keep on track the learning process, or stick to your initial plan, as the product tests keeps on effective ratio set while productivity grow.
  • Build — Measure — Learn: From your MVP, measure test markets and learn from the customer.
  • Learn — Measure — Build: Learn how to measure things done and build from that.
  • Sustainable Growth; drive traction trough your clients by making them the center of the story, turn them into influencers, brand lovers while avoid mistakes.
  • Co-Creation; everything is about talented people around you, forget about offering a salary, talent looks for a thriving and challenging ambient where everyone feels part of the project.

That´s why I decided to start our Happy Economy Incubator; Dealup & Partners, made of everyone who wants to challenge themselves and , so come and join us no matter where you live we share spaces and knowledge at the cloud.

by Dealup & Partners