Your next customer in time is your most valuable asset, if you are targeting to your current client, say bye bye to your piece of cake, as all your competitors are struggling to get them to their brands. That´s why we recommend to target the next link on chain, adapting your message.


Move further away from just messaging, marketing at this age is more linked to the core business strategy, driving for new products by delivering functional benefits to the client. If you still consider your marketing department the guys that make it look great, fired them and hire a new clerk, she will make your office look and smell great.

Customer-care, is not longer useful, as the customers looks for himself better than you could ever dream, what we need now is a Customer-Listener department, analyzing data and predicting new models to amuse and satisfy customer needs without meddling in the customer buying experience, while make your loyal customers be the ones on holding customer service.

Storytelling set the new rules for engagement as no one will buy you if you don´t have anything emotional linked to your client. So better start thinking of why are you there and how are you make your history a best-seller or want-to-be brand.

Quick is not an option, is a must as consumer preferences change with amazing velocity, as do the dynamics of markets and product life cycles. Focusing on urgency means that marketers need a management skills and organizational clout to bring other functions together at a higher speed, within a struggling organization starving for growth.

KIS! I do not mean kiss your client, I said KIS Keep it Simple, I do honestly will not have time to even read this paper, so make it simple, get straight to the point as all of us recognize your amazing written skills, I prefer to get it now!

Want to win, start to listen, and go straight to action, set your business to be controlled by your clients