Companies are mad of having loads of data, most of them with no sense. The real challenge beings when putting all the information together to build a meaningful profile of the client.

Canaryfly is a good example of how data is not being used properly, as most of it is just falling into useless spreadsheets. The company has detected thousands of client looking for a bargain, likely to adapt their  agenda to aircraft schedule and buy it instead of competitor, by the time the client gets availability without find what he was looking for by sneaking in each single destination, it turns red lights.

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What we advice the company, roots into transform the piles of data into meaningful insights to address clients right where they want to get, having in consideration each client has different needs while planning their trip. Today most of our e-commerce corporate clients focus on just a part of clients behaviour, capturing the information appealing to its business activity, for example, cosmetic and perfume products demand while ignoring other such as need states, emotional-connection points, or feelings. Canaryfly diluete their efforts by setting different departments, team and process, resulting in a senseless customer experience, without capturing customer intelligence to gain knowledge of next season flight schedule program.

We are not afirmming handle information is as easy as send an email, but offers an easy way to grow by understanding data. Technology offers today an affordable and easy way to understand an process those piles of information, to create a customer profile to engage them across; e-mail, platform UX, social media, and internet advertisement. The payback is substantial as the implementation of a customer service and dynamic schedule increase sales at Canaryfly by 30% month by month, what gave us a boost to create an integrated customer centric Frequent Flyer Program targeted to drive sale and engagement by acting as a market orchestartor and less as company.

While most of the Marketing companies focus on having a comprehensive customer profile, we focus on setting the right system within the organization capabilities to deploy a data analysis methodology. As well as an online travel agent sales flights to a destination, an airline company struggles to increase load factor by seat occupancy, but both have a revenue management department focus on make the most out of a seat, bed, or car, from a different perspective. Therefore none of the clients gets the same service, becuause both departments look at the customer from their corporate insights of customer profile, basically they treat them as temporary individual who spends some time looking in their sites. For sure we could use same analytical tools in both companies, but how come are we going to export the same methodology, and moreover when this marketeers realized that client is ours only during the time they spend on our sites?

We came from the primal idea of Customer Decision Journey, defining the pathways at each stage of the purchase process, but just few companies performe over  this standards, going forward by opening their business procedures to the customer in order to gain capilarity thorught customer antropology by decoding customer DNA.

Customer DNA

1.Stage of user

– Early consideration

– Active evaluation

Moment of truth for a client beging at the early stage of planning, right when information is being searched without a clear intention of purchase. That´s when a consistent value proposition stands-out and get on customer top-of-mind capturing a real opportunity by appealing to clients feelings and preferences. In few words “share with everyone”

1R. Channel Preference



-Xplatform UX


-H2H interaction

Considering the current conectivity and multi-device information served, our client could be anywhere at anytime, starting his query from its mobile device, to sudenly switch to desktop or pop-up to our nearest point of sale, and utimately download a native solution to assess deeply the consistency of our value proposition as a company. In few words “mobile first” it doesn´t means APP

2. Demographics


-income level

-Purchase consideration

Different clients with a variaty of needs that we have to SATISFACER by offering different attributes by a seat away of distance. “Same product is different on customer personal condition”

2R. Product Affinity



-Emotional Affinity

Value proposition build by product attributes is key on customer preference, helping companies to create useful product taxonomies, more likely to appeal a broader array of clients finding suitable alternatives matching their requests. “Clients see beyond what companies are eager to show”

3.Life Context

-New comer

-Current user

Understand customer life context guarantee the best tool for customer retention and conversion, from a bargain-hunter backpacker at it´s early stage to his mature as a successful businessman or corporate worker each single details leave a footprint on customer mind. “Treat them as your best client and you will get 1.000 in return”

3R. Response to offers

– One shoot client

– Loyalty client

– Schedule client.

Yield tracking systems from our mail response rate to register client activity allow us to understand the effectivity of tactical marketing. Nevertheless the ultimate objective focus on client customization information process avoiding intrusion activities on clients life. “Let the customer decide when he want to be informed”

What´s next for Canaryfly

The company needs to find a suitable software helping them grow from their infancy of data exploration, addressing the right people to use it, by supporting their actions and decisions. Affordable solutions in freemium mode will allow the company to try, while defining methodology on customer insights definition, reducing risk in case of abandon.

Watson analytics offers a reliable solution to process and interpretate data from Point of Sale, Social Media insights, Google Analytics, and CRM available data, by placing the right questions the system will deliver the right answer.


Never ever OWN the information by a department, as success in data interpretation becomes from a variety of profiles within the organization, base on talented teams lead by hungry of success. None of the traditional corporations has the ability to create high efficiency teams, that´s what Google is trying to recover with alphabet, rather than continuos growing over a huge amount of data that´s killing innovation.